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The Cubism

The cubism as a direction in art appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Its adherents showed the real world with the help of the correct geometric shapes and volumes such as the cube, the cylinder or the ball. The occurrence of the cubism is connected with the works by Pablo Picasso. To be exact he had written the painting “The Maids of Avignon”. It showed chopped off and deformed figures without any prospect and semitones. The term “cubism” was firstly used in 1908 by Mathis in connection with Barak’s “The Houses in Eastack”. The painting reminded Mathis children’s cubes.

The cubism valued an opposition to the realism which was extremely popular in the European painting. The epoch of the cubism’s popularity is considered to be divided into three periods. Simple and heavy shapes are characteristic for the first period. Then attention to the small details appeared in 1910-1912. The objects had the “fraction” effect; they were “crushed” into several smaller pieces. And there was no color at the same time. Finally there was the third period called “the synthetic” cubism. The paintings became colorful and decorative.

Interest to the direction dried during the World War. But the creation of cubism’s masters influenced on other direction, for example futurism, purism, Orphism. Among the masters we can name Picasso, Leger, Delaunay, and Grice.

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