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The expressionism

Many artists tried to express injustice and cruelty of the real world with the help of painting during the history of the fine arts’ development. The direction named “the expressionism” appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. It happened on the First World War eve. The whole Europe was covered with the feeling of anxiety. The adherents of the direction chose images of the most unpleasant and sorrowful sides of the life. They made all those things the main theme of their works. The term “expressionism” came from the French word “expression” which had the same meaning as the English one.

The expressionists’ paintings are notable with the absence of the exterior beauty. They tried to draw public attention to problems of their time using extremely strong colors, dark shades, and wrong shapes. Those were the works of German artists who joined the whole group Ole Vgiske. Emil Nolde, who was the brightest representative of this direction’s masters, also joined the group. One more famous representative was the Belgian artist D. Ensor. He imaged the social life as an evil carnival where was no place for kindness and joy.

Expressionism finished as a popular direction in arts when the Nazis took the power in Germany. Hitler thought it was “the art of the degenerates” and it was necessary to destroy it. But nowadays such theme of paintings and techniques are still popular.

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