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The impressionism

The word “impression” came from the French language and its meaning is similar to the English one. L. Leroy is told to be the author of this term. In 1980 he saw “The impression. The rising Sun” by Monet on one of the expositions. He called all the artists writing in the similar manner “the impressionists” and the term became common. The impressionism appeared in France in the middle of the 18th century. Such famous painters as Manet, Renoir, and Degas are among its most famous representatives.

The opposition to the main rules and conditions of the academic art is its main principle. The impressionists tried to demonstrate the beauty of the every-day moments. They made the special impressions from the usual objects which we can see very often and can’t notice.

The most characteristic techniques for impressionists are the minimal color mixture and “the trembling air effect”. Besides the impressionists don’t like the black color. The dark colors and shades are creating with the help of mixing several other paints. One more point is to create the next layer of color without waiting when the previous one gets dry. These methods help to create a feeling that the plot of the painting is happening right now, on your eyes.

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