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The modernism

All the directions of the 20th century which didn’t satisfy the canons of the social realism were called “the modernism” in the Soviet period. But such division is not correct from the historical point of view.

The root of the word “modern” came from the French language, and it means “new”. The modernism is a new direction. It appeared and began the active development at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries. To that moment lots of directions in fine arts defined many ways of self-expression. In contrast to the traditions the freedom of the artist became the main thing in arts. So the artist can transform the surrounding world as he wants. Modernism appeared in the atmosphere of displeasure with the existing art. Romantic direction which had been popular before was in crisis, so it wasn’t able to play the role of the “art of future”. The artists discovered the new horizons: cubism, expressionism, abstractionism, futurism, surrealism, pop-art, etc. Symbolism, impressionism and modernism became the most important.

The volumetric tangible figures and using the monochrome palette are characteristic techniques for modern painting.

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