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The Monumental Painting

This is a kind of painting which is situated on the buildings and other static objects. It is one of the most ancient kinds of painting, the “ancestor” of modern direction in fine arts. The most famous example is the petroglyphic painting in the caves Lascaux, Altamira, etc. The great special point is longevity of such works. Nowadays we have examples of the monumental painting from all of the civilizations. They present a huge historical value. The monumental painting has been widely used for decorations of different buildings during the period of Antiquity and up to the Renaissance epoch. It also was extremely popular in the ancient Egypt and Rome where it was used for the decorations of the private dwellings.

Mosaics and murals decorated the cathedrals of Byzantium. These images influenced on the Ancient Russian monumental painting.

In the oriental fine arts the monumental painting takes the special place. It is closely connected with the decorative painting.

Nowadays there is active development of new techniques and materials for mosaics and stained-glass windows. E.g. the traditional murals are changing into the painting on the dry plaster which is more durable and strong.

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