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The realism

The realism is one of the most popular directions in arts. It is tend to image the objects as real as possible. The term “realism” was firstly used in the middle of the 19th century by French critic Chantfleury. It meant the direction in arts which was opposite to the symbolism and the Romanism becoming more and more popular. But it is hard to define some time boundaries for the realism in art. It has been forming for the centuries and now it includes such genres and directions as the landscape, the still-life, the household painting, and the portrait. The direction called realism is much more complicated than it told to be. Besides the household object similarity there is another point especially in the most talented creations painted in this direction. It is a reality of much more higher level such as vitality and characteristics of the objects painted. We can notice it especially on the portrait paintings. The origin of the realism as a direction in arts is connected with the name of Kurbe. He opened an exposition “The Pavilion of the Realism” in 1855. Besides we can remember many names of those who preferred to work in the direction: Rembrandt, Masaccio, Albrecht Durer, Repin, David, Dozhye, Serov ,and Surikov.

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