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The semi abstract painting

The Indian painting is a unique phenomenon. It had been forming during the centuries. It is continuously connected with the history of the ancient civilizations. The first petroglyphic picture was found in the jungles of Northern India. It counts 40 thousand years, so, it’s told to be the most ancient painting imaging people riding the animals.

The Indian culture invented many directions and techniques of fine arts, and each of them values the special research. For example, “tangory” means painting on the glass, “madhubany” means the filling some contours painted on the canvas with some color. “Kalamkary” means painting the contours with the help of the burned branches of a tree and the iron sawdust.

We must also name the special art of creating the miniatures. Such creations are surprisingly colorful and at the same time very refined. The originality of Indian painting consists of the continuity and careful relation to old traditions which can easily adapt to the modern life. The most popular paintings belong to such famous masters as Macbul Husein, Satish Gudzhral, Krishen Khannah, and Francis Newton Susa.

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