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The socialistic realism

The socialistic realism (I will reduce it to the SR) is one the main direction in fine arts of the 20th century. It was based on the comprehension of that epoch’s reality. The SR intersects closely with the realistic traditions in Russian and European painting. But it brings the ideas based on the Marxism and dialectic and materialistic philosophy. The Soviet government required to make the fine arts a tool in the communist education. If a person decided to protest against those ideas or just to express something else, the results were sorrowful. So there were bloody wars against “the formalists” started by the impressionists, modernists and cosmopolitans several times.

The SR was developing in two main directions. The images of the monumental events and heroes were characteristic for the first one. Pictures of the soviet every-day life were the plot of the second one.

But there still are some riddles in such painting though the ways of showing the reality were spread from above. The true art can never be put into the narrow boundaries of the ideology though some government wants to do it.

Even those paintings which were told to be “correct” and satisfied all the rules are not bounded with the ideology only. We can name Gerasimov, Plastov, Samohvalov, Pozdneev among its’ masters.

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