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The Surrealism

The surrealism as a direction in arts officially appeared in 1924 when A. Breton published “The First Manifest of the Surrealism”. Such paintings have been popular among the art-judgers and the others since that time and till nowadays. The paintings in such style are able to make alive the most boring interior beginning with the office and up to the block flat.

Firstly there were two directions of the development of the surrealism. Some artists made their unconsciousness the main plot of their paintings. The freedom of shapes and images up to the abstractions is the main thing in their works. We can name Max Ernst, Mason, Miro among them.

The others tried to express their unconscious images as exactly as possible. And the first person we should remember is the great Salvador Dali.

What is the secret of their attractiveness? What makes us to admire with them so much? Surrealism creates a world of dreams, another reality which leads the spectator away to his own unconsciousness. What can be more attractive than such trip to your own inside world, the game with your own associations, images, and emotions? The artists of this direction think that namely the unconsciousness defines the energy able to find the creativeness in every person. The surreal paintings make the complicated emotions including the negative ones, but there are no people who can stay indifferent watching them.

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