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The abstract landscape

Firstly the word combination “abstract landscape” seems to be inconsistent. The definition of the landscape carries the painting from the natural objects. So the image on it should transfer the real things. If it doesn’t, the picture can’t be a landscape. But in fact any landscape contents some abstract elements even if it is extremely realistic. Even the most accurate artist isn’t going to paint all the details available. The painting consists of the separate dabs which can’t be real.

So we can speak about the “degree of abstraction” in any painting. Absolutely abstract painting corresponds this term. It creates another world which is opposite to our one. The trees can grow head over heels or directly in the horizon line. The flowers can have the most unimaginable colors and shapes. It’s a landscape but it has been modified dramatically by the consciousness and fantasy of the artist. It’s interesting that such paintings can lead to the deja-vu effect: “It’s impossible but I’ve seen something similar to it earlier”. It’s a paradox and a secret of their attractiveness at the same time.

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