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Animal genre

The term "animal painting" appeared from the Latin "animal" which has the same meaning as an appropriate word in English. This genre of the fine arts is connected with the images of animals in paintings, sculptures, etc.

Painting the images of animals with the help of the paints is a very ancient kind of art. We can just remember petroglyphic painting on rocks, art of Africa, countries of ancient Orient and Oceania.

Modern artists working in this genre name themselves "animalists". Their works are connected with imaging the appearance and physical characteristics of animals and at the same time they try to express some artistic characteristics.

Folklore images of animals were especially popular in the middle Ages. And nowadays animals are also painted with some kind of human’s character and even clothes. It can be seen on the illustrations to the literature, fairy tales. Animals were firstly painted in their natural environment in the Renaissance epoch.

Nowadays this genre demands serious knowledge of the animal world and at the same time ability to create expressive images.

Serov, Charushin, Vasnetsov, Rachev and others can be named among the most talented representatives of this genre.

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