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The Autumn Landscape

The theme of autumn has always been special in arts. In comparison with summer autumn is ambiguous and mysterious like the whole life. It symbolizes not only the way from summer to winter but much more deeper things. If we try to compare the year with the humans’ life autumn is a period of maturity, accumulation of the experience and reconsideration of important things. Autumn is also a period of getting harvest, which was cared about within all year. So it also means summarizing. In Russia people use to say: “One will reap what he’ll sow”. And of course autumn attracts the artists with its bright colors. It is the blossoming of nature in much more higher and at the same time harmonious level. At the same time we can feel winter coming on autumn landscapes. The river a bit covered with ice and first snow often figurate on the autumn pictures.

The autumn landscape can hardly ever exist without the trees with falling leaves. The shades of red and yellow bewitch the viewer. Just a maple leaf images the autumn mood, that’s why namely the maple is very popular in samples of this direction.

The theme of autumn didn’t leave many artists indifferent. We can name Levitan, Shishkin and Repin among other names.

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