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The decorative still-life

The still-life is called decorative if it was painted mainly for decoration of something, e.g. the interior. The still-life as a genre of painting presents many opportunities for the decorative stylization. It can hardly ever be not decorative. Many talented artists worked in different styles but their still-lives can be named decorative ones. E.g. Mathis made accents on colors and texture, so we can characterize his still-lives as expressionistic and decorative. Attention to the color is also characteristic for Kustodiev, Falk, Lentulov. Picasso as a representative of cubism tried to express shape and the space of the still-life according to the technical methods of his direction. So he decomposed the objects into the simple geometrical figures. But his works also correspond the term "decorative".

Some artists tried to express some complicated image with the help of still-life, e.g. Petrov-Vodkin. But the ability to decorate belonging to such paintings is still doubtless.

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