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Figurative painting

The term “figurative painting” or “object painting” was firstly used in the meaning “similar to real”. It means “representative”, “realizing”, etc. In more special meaning “the figurative painting” is a set of genres and directions imaging the natural objects. In this case figurative painting is opposite to abstract art, so we can say that it includes all the genres except the abstract one. Abstract art and figurative art are very often represented as mutually exclusive directions. But the difference between them is very thin. It depends on the view to each painting.

Besides, there exists another meaning of the term “figurative art”. It’s often used to describe a direction where the main accent is put on the humans figure or the animals.

Bright colors and exact contours are common for such paintings. Many modern artists work in this area. For example, the artists Jack Vettriano and Lio Xiaodong are famous as figurative painters.

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