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The industrial landscape

Russian fine arts took a special character at the Soviet period when life of many people had changed dramatically. These changes touched many genres of fine arts including the landscape. So the unusual direction named “the industrial landscape” appeared in 1930-s. The romance of the agricultural renaissance is reflected in this genre, for example there are such things as building of the monumental industrial objects and fast growth of industry. Bogaevskii is told to be one of the founders of this direction in the landscape painting. The greatness of big buildings and achievements of Soviet people are his favorite themes. He wrote some paintings from HPS (hydroelectric power station) on Dnepr which was a giant of the first industry developing plan of the USSR# and the great building on Dnepr. Such paintings describe the greatness of changes in the country. All in all he wrote about 30 paintings using the theme of the Dnepr HPS. They are interesting for art-judgers and at the same time for historians too. Many artists couldn’t leave the theme of industry in their works. B. Yakovlev, P. Kotov, I. Mashkov, A. Samohvalov, A. Kuprin and many other landscape artists were interested in it.

One of the most important things in the history of USSR was so-called “five-years”. In fact it’s a global plan of the developing all the spheres in the life of the country. This plan included demandings to industry, agriculture, building, economy, etc. (note of a translator)

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