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The landscape

The landscape shows the images of nature, for example, mountains, forest, field, etc. It is often mentioned in the last turn unfairly while people are talking about genres of painting. In fact landscape appeared in the artists’ works not so long time ago. The first compositions with pure landscape were written by the Dutch painters of the Renaissance Herry met de Pless and Johann Patinir. Of course, the interest to the surrounding world and nature images hadn’t disappeared until that time, but the character of a landscape was detailed as a scene to the main plot of the painting and its’ main characters.

The interest to the landscape started to grow in the 18th century in Russia. It has considerably grown during the last several centuries; nowadays it can be compared with the interest to the portrait or historical paintings. The landscape is obliged by such popularity to works of talented Russian artists such as Levitan, Shedrin, Shishkin.

The landscape passed through the long way between classicism and symbolism during the centuries. It reflects the features of its’ epoch and contains lots of directions, such as romantic, rural and urban ones. However, first of all the good landscape passes the attitude of its creator. It gives us an opportunity to see the world by the painters’ eyes.

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