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The Night Landscape

The first European paintings depicting the night appeared in the 14th century. First of all they are connected with the increased interest to the surrounding world and self-knowledge. There are not as many landscapes with the night theme as other ones. But they are very interesting because of the point they let us have a look into the inside world of people either we speak about previous epochs or the modern time.

The direction of the landscape painting naming “the night landscape” or the nocturne became popular in the 17th century. Such artists famous in the whole world as Rembrandt, Rubens, Bauver and Lorren were fond of this theme. The Dutch artist Arta der Ner made a nocturne the main topic of his works. The works of these masters influenced on the development of this direction greatly in 18th and 19th centuries because of the romantic mood passing through such works. So the paintings with night landscapes defined the main color receptions and light effects.

Nowadays the night landscapes are extremely popular. Lots of artists attached to the landscape genre try their powers in this direction. Nocturnes are able to decorate the interior and to give it the special charm. The night landscapes delight, they have a mysterious attraction.

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