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The male nudity

It's often said that female nudity is attractive for everybody (men and also women), but the male nudity is attractive only for some kind of people. Most likely it's a feature of the Christian culture, where Eve seems to be more attractive and weak in front of the personification of the vice. May be that's why female nudity is more attractive for European artists since the Antiquity. Woman's body was painted wholesome in sweet languor and luxury. First demonstration of interest to the male nudity appeared in Renaissance. But the man's body was often showed as suffering, damaged or dieing, that accorded the innocence and pureness in connection with religious dogma and rules of morality. So the idea of impropriety and unaesthetic of the wholesome man's body developed from generation to generation. It was a big problem to find the male model for artists.

There are not many paintings with the nude men which differ from the canons described. The real interest to the male nudity and healthy body appeared in the popularization period of photography and it has long period of development.

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