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The religious painting

The debates about the essence of art, especially Christian art, have been existing from the early times, such debates appear between philosophers, sociologists, and art-critics. The theme is very delicate and ambiguous. But there are no doubts that the main theme of christian painting is the triumph of life over the existence, heaven over the mundane.

The Christian religion often attracted the artists searching for the theme. It is mysterious and spiritual so it makes the plot of the painting sublime and it gives wide variety of plots. The Christian painting is divided into two branches: secular one, and the church religious one. Iconography is devoted to the second branch. There have always been the artists with different creative styles among the masters choosing the church theme. E.g. we can compare works of Titian and Botticelli, Somov and Beato Angelico. R.Van Rein takes a special place among such artists. His works are told to be standard models of the direction.

The modern religious painting differs from such painting of the 15-17th centuries. Nowadays you don't have to be a religious person in order to paint religious paintings. That is a tragedy of our time; it gives the artists an opportunity of some”split personality” and the moral difficulties.

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