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The rural landscape

A landscape is a genre of the art which is connected with showing nature and district. Great number of directions in this genre is caused by the nature with its variety. The pastoral landscape is one of the most popular directions.

The relationships between nature and the results of the humans’ conscious activity are always complicated; we can even say they are disputed. It can be seen in the fine arts extremely brightly. The landscape pictures with architecture, fence or smoking factory pipe don’t create the pacified mood. All the beauty of the nature leaves, it’s getting lost. However, there exists the environment where humans’ activity and nature are in harmony. Or on the opposite side the nature plays the main role. The architectural constructions add the rural motives.

This direction of the landscape genre has been popular at all the times and its popularity doesn’t depend on fashion. The pacified mood, the original poetry of the countryside life and the harmony with nature attract artists to it. The house near the river, the rocks, the green valleys, the country road push the inspiration of the artists of all countries and times.

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