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The seaside landscape

The seaside landscape or the marine is a direction in the landscape painting connected with the images of water. The artists working in this direction are called marinates. The seaside landscape is put on the special place among the other directions of the landscape genre. The theme of sea has never lost popularity since early times. Actually you can wonder at the play of light on the water surface forever. The sea is beautiful with any weather. It’s mysterious and unpredictable, it has strong character and power. Many pages of literal creations are devoted to the seaside’s beauty. This theme is also very popular among the artists.

All the precious of the water objects consists of its dynamics. And at the same time it is a big problem for the painters who want to image the sea. The most talented Russian seaside-painter Aivazovsky told that the moving of water was elusive for the brush. To paint it is as difficult as painting the wind. One more problem is impossibility to write a sea from the natural source. You must have very strong imagination.

This theme in the landscape genre attracted such famous artists as Bogolubov, Verne, Meshkov, etc.

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