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The Space painting

The term “space painting” is quite new the same as this direction of the fine arts. There are no doubts that the development of the cosmonautics and cosmic flights influenced on this direction greatly. But the interest to this theme appeared a bit earlier than the first flights to the Space.

First paintings of this direction are the works by Yuri Shvets. They are the most amazing because there were no cosmonauts, flights to the Space and cosmic gadgets at the time they were created. His paintings and sketches to the film “The cosmic flight” took an advantage for his time. First cosmic artist imagined the things hadn’t been invented yet.

A. Leonov made the first “natural” sketches of cosmic objects. That was a final of forming this direction as an all-sufficient genre.

Nowadays the cosmic theme in painting is very popular. Many young artists try themselves in this direction. The illustrations to the science fiction are being created. And there are many expositions of such works in Russia and abroad.

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