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Spring Landscape

We can say that spring is the main theme in arts. All the poets, writers and of course artists always used this theme in their works. Spring is not the only beauty of the waking-up nature but it’s a symbol of the renaissance to the new life and love. Spring is not just a season but it’s a special condition of soul like a flight, creative lifting, youth, and delight. It is impossible not to get an inspiration in spring. The paintings devoted to spring can’t leave the viewer indifferent. The spring landscape needs the special conversation. Such pictures are very popular because they create the spring mood the whole year.

Spring landscape has very tender and thin palette. Bright colors much more suit to the summer. In spring pastel tones, tender non-bright colors are pertinent. The sunlight is not as intensive as in summer, it is almost guessed. To create a feeling of clearing up nature is the main aim of the artist. The special preciousness of such landscapes is concerned namely in this point.

The theme of spring is very special in works of Russian artists. Winters in Russia have always been very severe, so the beginning of spring is almost a festive. The works of Krimov, Levitan, Savsrasov and Nikonov are worth speaking about.

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