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The still-life

This genre of fine arts is connected with the images of the inanimate objects or the objects of nature which are isolated from their essential environment, e.g. the flowers in a vase. The first examples of the still-life are related to the art of the Antiquity or the ancient oriental fine art. But finally it formed as a genre of the fine art during the Renaissance epoch in works of the Dutch artists. The first still-life painting is often told to be the same called work by the Italian artist Jacob de Burberry. The most active growth of still-life's popularity was in the 16-17th centuries.

That is connected with the development of the natural sciences and techniques of fine art. The genre appeared in Russia in the 18th century only. The interest to it wasn't always constant. Such masters as Surikov, Korovin, Bogomolov, Levitan, Kramskoy turned to this theme. Besides the images of objects have their own meaning, this way is often used to express the idea with the help of associations.

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