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The Still-life with Fruits

Still-lives with fruits are very popular among the paintings of this genre. That is justified. Fruits compose the brightness of color and the naturalness as nothing in the world of still-life. Due to this fact and the correctly chosen light and the correct composition the paintings look very “alive”. There also exists kind of still-life called “the blend”. In fact it doesn't differ from the real objects. This kind of still-life is told to appear in Holland. “The Dutch still-life ” is often associated with the bright “fruit” paintings. Specification and interest to exotic objects are characteristic for such paintings. To attract a buyer to the picture several unusual details have been chose: dragonflies, butterflies, parrots, exotic fruits, etc. “The Still-life with Fruits” by the Dutch artist Van Der Ast is a classical example of the Dutch still-life. Such still-lives were also very popular among the impressionists. The judges of the theme were Cezanne, Manet, Klimt and Russian artists Grabar, Korovin.

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