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The female portrait

To create a female portrait is the most desired work for most artists. But this work isn't simple at all. An artist must image the exterior similarity, show the psychological condition of a model and his own perception of her beauty, but there exists one more and the most difficult point. The artist must create a result which will satisfy the model. Despite the difficulty of the problem the female portraits have really huge popularity and take very important place in fine arts. The image of a woman has nearly magical power.

The interest to female portrait appeared in the Renaissance epoch and it still exists. Nearly all the portraitists applied to the theme. The most interesting moment is an opportunity to trace not only the features of closing and the household of different epochs, but changing the perception about the female beauty. At the same time master's direction or painting school become unimportant. His perception of female beauty comes to the fore. That let the viewer judge about beauty ideal of master's contemporaries. Female portraits were written by Titian, Kustodiev, Somov, da Vinci, Manet, Renoir, Durer, Gainsborough, and Dali. Female portraits of these artists are very famous and they assure us that there is no universal timeless ideal.

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